HCR Round Tube Core Radiators

Radiator Core Options

  • Noise level typically between 60-73 dba
  • No gaskets
  • Low parasitic loads
  • Light weight as compared to conventional spiral fin tube units
  • Low profile
  • Multiple fan/motor redundancy
  • Excellent in high mechanical and thermal shock applications
  • Economical
  • HVAC-type core
  • Brazed rounded header
  • 5/8-inch tubes with 0.020-inch thick tube walls
  • 0.0075-inch aluminum fins
  • 250 psi max pressure
  • 300 degrees F max temperature
  • Suited for Standby/Prime Power and Cogeneration applications
  • Practical only for remote applications, due to size
  • Requires spreader bars to unload in the field
Available Options
  • Standard
  • Custom