Core Corps Announcement Tops September Meeting

It’s not often a company has the opportunity to infuse new life and enthusiasm into one of its staple support services.  But that was the case when IEA repositioned its core replacement business under the action-comics inspired brand name Core Corps.

In building a message of being able to turnaround replacement core orders in as little as 24 hours, a super-hero theme was developed.  And for images of those larger-than-life defenders of quality and rapid response, the marketing team turned to the real people who would actually be building and shipping the products — IEA employees from the core production, assembly and industrial engineering departments.

Five who are critical to getting replacement cores built and out the door…

…were converted into Super Heroes whose message reflected a company-wide attitude.

Photos of the group posing as if for a Marvel comics cover were sent to a nationally-known caricaturist, who converted them into first-of-its-kind-for IEA poster art, which became the lead illustration for a special section of the IEA website, and will be used in the design and production of future promotional materials.

All that went into bringing the Core Corps idea to life seemed to warrant some special acknowledgement, particularly the participation of the five “super-hero” employees.  So announcement of the new program, and recognition of the five Core Corps members, became the highlight of the September all-company meeting.

The Core Corps team autographed hundreds of poster prints at meeting’s end.

To commemorate the event, full-sized photos of the team were produced and each member autographed  a copy for anyone who wanted the souvenir.  The line for signatures was long and the super-hero banter reflected the strong camaraderie of the IEA workforce.

“Hardly anyone knew before the meeting that we were going to make the 24-hour turnaround offer”, said Jim Kettinger, Engendren owner and CEO. “But there was no one who said it couldn’t be done after we made the announcement.  It’s very reassuring to see how IEA folks take pride in knowing we all have confidence in their ability to meet the most demanding of customer requests”.