A Little Something To Remember Us By

Pat-Frieman-Retirement-RadiatorEngendren highly values and respects the efforts of its employees, and reserves particular regard for those who have contributed to the company’s growth across multiple years of service. So when retirement time came around for Pat Frieman, a long-tenured employee who was most recently the company’s Chief Financial Officer, it was strongly felt that an appropriate symbol of her service was in order.

Pat-with-Retirement-RadiatorRadiators being the product she had helped create, a replica radiator seemed the ideal award. Members of the IEA production team, with whom Pat had worked closely, took it upon themselves to design and produce a unique and memorable item…more than a commercial plaque or stature, something only a person with a long and successful history at IEA would own.

This group’s creativity and skill generated three, mounted, symbolic radiators, each measuring 10” x 15” and weighing 15 lbs., built from the same materials as their real-life, full size, counterparts that required several weeks to complete.

They were presented to Pat during a special honoring ceremony. A second was given to Jim Haut, former Production Manager, who had retired a few months earlier after 20+ years of service. The third is on permanent display in the Company’s headquarters.

You can tell from Pat’s expression the impact this most unique show of appreciation had. “I’ll be clearing a place for this on my mantel as soon as I get home,” she said.