Core Corps Announcement Tops September Meeting

It’s not often a company has the opportunity to infuse new life and enthusiasm into one of its staple support services.  But that was the case when IEA repositioned its core replacement business under the action-comics inspired brand name Core Corps. In building a message of being able to turnaround replacement core orders in as … Read more »

An Acronym That Captures Our Culture

Every organization needs a theme song…a rallying cry… a phrase or acronym that encapsulates the principles that define its style.  Where would the Boy Scouts be without “Be Prepared”. Building a productive culture at Engendren has always been of key importance to me, but I’ve never really had a clear and precise way of bringing … Read more »

Come to Lunch on Us

Come to Lunch on Us

One of the mainstays of Life at IEA is the Employee Meeting…a frequent opportunity for everyone who works at the company to interact with management in an open forum gathering. It serves the valuable purpose of letting the employees know what’s happening across the organization, who’s moved on and who’s moved in, how the business … Read more »

A Very Productive Three Days in October

You often hear companies talk about how focused they are on satisfying their customers’ needs — how that determination is what drives their planning and decision making.  But gaining insight into what customers want and need isn’t all that easy, particularly when, like IEA, you serve different customers in different markets with different kinds of … Read more »

A Little Something To Remember Us By

A Little Something To Remember Us By

Engendren highly values and respects the efforts of its employees, and reserves particular regard for those who have contributed to the company’s growth across multiple years of service. So when retirement time came around for Pat Frieman, a long-tenured employee who was most recently the company’s Chief Financial Officer, it was strongly felt that an … Read more »

Laura Barcalow – 25 Years of Service…and Counting

Laura, while taking a short break from helping make another IEA employee event a success. Engendren recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of one of its highly valued employees: Laura Barcalow, our reigning queen of longevity. Nobody has been here longer. Laura is one of those every company wishes they had more of. She handles hundreds … Read more »

New Polar Pod™“Modular Cooling Machine” Debuts at Power Gen

Todd Sorensen explains the many benefits of the new IEA Polar Pod to an interested visitor at this year’s Power Gen Trade Show. As a logical extension of our expertise in the remote cooling of large engines, IEA has created what is hoped to be a new product line; the modular cooling enclosure, or Polar … Read more »

EIR Kettinger Shares Strategies for Success

Executive-in-Residence James Kettinger, center, speaks with SBT board members following his presentations to students. He is flanked by UW-Parkside Chancellor Debbie Ford and Dean Fred Ebeid. By Kelsey Hoff When James Kettinger, President and CEO of Kenosha-based IEA, LLC, and a 1980 University of Wisconsin-Parkside graduate, returned to campus Tuesday, April 3, as the spring … Read more »