Not just demonstrating all we can do. Delivering all that customers need done.

Being creative just to prove you can do things differently doesn’t provide the essence of innovation; improved productivity…

and at IEA, we’re all about productivity.

The only finished goods inventory at IEA is units built for specific customers. We don’t manufacture “stock” items.

We use our knowledge, experience, developmental tools and, yes, creativity to provide customers with products that solve their unique heat dissipation challenges.

Over the years, our efforts to solve individual customer needs have resulted scores of unique, patentable solutions, innovation of which we’re proud, but, more importantly, innovation that has provided our customers with more effective, cost efficient cooling

From just a different way to put existing elements together all the way to a new technology, IEA’s engineering expertise delivers products our customers can trust are the most properly sized, dependable and cost efficient answers available.

And since IEA’s engineers know IEA’s manufacturing team has to build whatever they design, practicality is never overlooked. It’s not enough to solve the problem in Pro E and Solid Works. What the computer can conceive, the plant floor must be able to deliver… quickly, within specification and without flaws. And what the plant floor delivers must perform to specification for extended periods on site, and be easily serviced when necessary.

The measure of IEA’s innovation is the value each customer realizes from every product we supply.

It’s not so much R&D as A&S.

IEA’s R&D is so customer specific, we think of it as Analysis and Solution.

When customers were faced with the challenges of stricter emission standards and the higher engines temperatures required to meet them, IEA didn’t just develop different ways to remove heat, we created an entirely new aluminum alloy that not only maintains its structural integrity in the hotter environment, it also reduced product weight and lowered material costs.

Our Cold Aluminum™ product is now available for solving other problems that would benefit from its many features.

Performance assurance is critical when so many products are a first of their kind. So IEA invested in the industry’s most advanced calorimeter laboratory. It allows for performance testing of all IEA product, producing scientific proof that every approved design doesn’t just meet the desired standards but exceeds them.

Customer Confidence is Guaranteed

The strength and extent of our engineering resources allows IEA to offer the industry’s strongest Performance Guarantee. To our knowledge, no other company stands so solidly behind its product, all the way to full replacement should that ever become necessary.