How Can IEA Help You?

IEA works closely with its customers to design and build radiators that satisfy specific needs and individual applications.

As a result, IEA’s product line is the most diverse of any major radiator manufacturer, ranging from units mounted on commercial buses to those providing emergency power for sensitive installations.

We are anxious to assist in solving your need for individualized cooling solutions.

Among the resources that will be brought to bear on your behalf are:

A Broad Experience Base. IEA creates cooling solutions ranging in size from six to 138 sq. feet, in either fan-on-engine or remote applications in vertical and horizontal configurations. We provide solutions to a broad array of industries, with an equally wide range of needs:

  • Stand-by Power Generation
  • Co-Generation
  • Marine Applications
  • Industrial Applications
  • Oil-Field Rejuvenation
  • HVAC
  • Large Vehicle Applications

A Cost Efficient Focus. Radiator designs combine accurate sizing with minimized parasitic power loss and reduced fan noise, backed up with a written guarantee that the desired level of heat dissipation will be achieved across the full spectrum of operating conditions.

Engineering Expertise. IEA’s engineering function is staffed by degreed personnel, as well as experience-trained support assistance, all with extensive backgrounds in both theoretical thermodynamics and its practical application to customer needs. At their disposal are advanced design and development tools, including state-of-the-art creative software and the industry’s most advanced calorimeter laboratory. It’s the main reason IEA can deliver the product you need.

The ability of IEA’s technical team to apply creativity to practical challenges is reflected in the company’s recent development of a remarkably efficient new aluminum alloy, Cold Aluminum, that can handle the hottest of today’s new engines while lowering product costs by replacing copper as the main conveying material.

An Extensive Manufacturing Resource. Due to the diverse nature of the product it provides, IEA has developed a highly flexible, yet tightly controlled manufacturing process, governed by Six Sigma principles. All facets of radiator production are conducted within IEA’s modern, 175,000 square-foot factory, permitting IEA to meet some of the most stringent delivery schedules in the industry. Testimony to IEA’s production excellence is the Satisfaction Guarantee that accompanies every unit produced… the only such guarantee offered by any radiator manufacturer anywhere.

Rapid Response. The Contact Us section of our website provides space for you to describe your needs, in as general or specific terms as you desire. We will respond quickly, putting your challenge on the fast track to solution.