Radiator Core Replacement So Good, It's Almost Super Human

Muscular Manufacturing and Engineering Resources, and a Heroic Commitment to Customer Support, Overcome the Villains of Poor Replacement Core Quality and Service

Any Core in the IEA Arsenal Can Be Produced

Regardless of how old your IEA-produced radiator might be, the Core Corps can manufacture a replacement for one or more of the cores inside. All they’ll need is the radiator’s serial number.

Delivery So Fast, It’s Almost Instantaneous

On Time…Or It’s On Us

How fast you need a replacement is how fast the Corps will produce one or more for you. With the complete manufacturing process under our roof, we have direct control over everything it takes to produce what you need. We’re so confident of being able to meet your delivery needs, that if the replacements you order don’t leave our factory on the date promised, we will pay the freight to get them to you.

Core Performance is Guaranteed

An IEA Replacement Core Will Work. Others May Not.

No more waiting to install your replacement radiator to find out if it will cool to specifications. After decades of testing radiators of all sizes, configurations and applications, we have extensive data on how any prescribed air flow will perform through almost any combination of fins, core depths and tubes. We know your replacement will do a proper job even before we start to build it.

That’s why every replacement core is covered by IEA’s Guaranteed Performance Warranty, even if the original was not. It’s the same industry-leading protection we provide to all new products.

Assurance of that caliber is only available when you opt for factory-designed, factory-manufactured quality and performance.

A Variety of Pricing Options

Pay Only For the Turn Around Time You Need

Not every replacement core is needed in 24 hours. Which is why we provide pricing based on service speed.

Your quoted price will assume a 72-hour turnaround from the time we confirm your PO until your order is loaded for shipment.

  • If you need shipment in 48 hours, your price will be increased 10%.
  • If you need shipment in 24 hours, your price will be increased 20%.

Your Replacements are a Click and a Call Away

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  2. A member of the Core Corps will then contact you to confirm the price and delivery date of your replacement(s).
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