Employment Opportunities

Available Positions:

Quality Engineer

  Expanding and improving quality systems is where this person finds their job satisfaction.  They have developed a strong understanding of the measurement tools used in manufacturing and can apply that knowledge to perfecting in-place methodologies. An effective communicator, he/she is able to gain the commitment of both internal departments and supplier organization to remedy … Read more »

Sales Application Engineer

We’re in need of someone who is equal parts engineer and salesperson, with a strong helping of project manager thrown in.  The Sales Application Engineer (SAE) is our liaison between the customer, the field sales representative and all internal operations involved in getting a product designed, built and out the door. He/she produces both technical … Read more »

Manufacturing Engineering Manager

  Product development is critical to IEA’s success…and to bring new products to market means our manufacturing team has to be able to produce what our engineering group designs…and they can get pretty far out there sometimes. Right now, I need a person who can keep our production capabilities on the leading edge of our … Read more »

Project Manager / Production Engineering

At IEA, we’re continually searching for more innovative products, improved factory processes, better service levels and more committed customers.  Accomplishing these goals falls heavily to our engineering department, and to the project managers within. An IEA project manager is expected to: Define how a specific goal is best achieved, Create the action plan, schedule, milestones, … Read more »

IEA is always looking for talented, experienced, focused individuals who prefer working where their efforts are valued, recognized and rewarded.

Just because we’re not trying to fill the job that fits you best today, doesn’t mean we won’t be soon.  We might even create a position if you can bring something special to the team.

Make sure we know you’re available.

If you feel you’re able to bring efficiency, effectiveness and enthusiasm to our company, please forward your qualifications to hr@iearad.com.