Calorimeter Lab Tour

Environmentally controlled test chamber, designed and built to quickly reach and maintain the stability necessary to achieve high levels of accuracy

  • Insulated room 12’ wide x12’ high x 28’ long.
  • 36-ton air conditioner and heater maintain the internal temperature from 50°F to 120°F within .2°F., allowing readings to stabilize quickly, contributing to the system high accuracy.
  • Chamber temperature adjustable so test air has standard density of .075 lbs / ft3 to minimize data adjustments.
  • Permits testing with .075 /bs/ft3 air regardless of weather conditions.

Wind tunnel accurately produces air flow through the test sample

  • The wind tunnel simulates an engine’s cooling fan, pushing a carefully controlled air stream through the test sample.
  • Variable speed 20-hp squirrel cage blower produces up to 9,600 acfm at 10 inches of water.
  • Air flows through 4 ASHRE nozzles into straighteners and then into the test core.
  • Measurements are accurate from 250 to 9,600 acfm.
  • Air temperature is measured before and after the specimen.
  • Air pressure drop across the test specimen is measured within .02 inches of water

Hot test fluid is produced through two flow loops

  • The primary loop, containing electric heaters controlled with an scr and pid loop, serves as a reservoir for the heated test fluids, either water or anti-freeze.
  • The fluid required for individual tests is drawn from the primary loop
  • The flow rate is controlled by two variable speed pumps
  • Controlling heat and flow rate independently eliminates the affect flow rate has on temperature stability, increasing the accuracy and reliability of the test results.

200-hp screw air compressor produces the high temperature and pressure air to simulate diesel engine turbo-charger outlet

  • Can produce 65 lbs per minute of air at 50 psi
  • SCR-controlled electric heaters raise the temperature to 500°F, required for accurate measurement of heat transfer and internal pressure drop.