IEA Largest Radiator Ever Selected for Special CAT Application

Largest IEA Radiator Ever

Final inspection poses some special challenges when the product is a 120 ft2 unit, the largest IEA has ever built.

On April 8th, 2016 IEA will ship 12of the largest vertical radiators it has ever built: 120 ft2 giants that will be put to work in the desert southwest, where their particular ability to handle the altitude and unusually high ambient temperatures earned them the assignment.

Mounted to CAT’s new 4 MW, 16 cylinder C175 engines, these IEA-exclusive products, weighing in at almost 15,000 lbs. each, make the operation of these engines in thin air and ambient temperatures as high as 122º possible.

Their exceptional performance is more than just a matter of sheer size. To produce the amount of cooling required and still maintain necessary efficiencies, IEA engineers, using a previous 110 ft2 model as a base, developed a proprietary, three-layer coolant circulation system, which the additional square footage made possible. Moving coolant through the radiator in a specialized pattern multiplies the effective cooling surface to more than double the physical core frontal area.

IEA’s ability to produce such a large product when competitors could not, created the move away from a factory package solution. IEA’s engineering expertise then maximized the unit’s performance and brought the business to Kenosha.

“IEA’s competitive advantage is our ability to create customized solutions to challenging applications,” said Al Meissner, VP Engineer. “This is a great example of how our two core strengths, thermal engineering expertise and manufacturing excellence, can come together to provide customers with products they can’t get anywhere else.”