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Meeting Customer Needs through:

  • Analyzation
  • Innovation
  • Customization
  • Evaluation
Careful and detailed review of each engine’s heat characteristics and performance environment ensure the radiator’s design parameters will deliver the desired results.

…and an unswerving Dedication to Delivering Value, Quality and Service.

The Right Answer Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive.

IEA provide designs that first meet the customer’s individual, specific cooling requirements, and then deliver protection in the most cost efficient way possible.

The Right Answer Doesn’t Have to Be Slow in Coming.

IEA’s manufacturing is geared to deliver customized products in some of the industry shortest response times

The Right Answer Can Come with The Right Attitude.

IEA provides original equipment, service parts, accurate, complete and readily available service information and knowledgeable professional help that will come to your location if necessary

Every IEA product will perform at least to the specifications to which it was built, or IEA will repair or replace that products at no cost to the customer.